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Why Digital Marketing is the key to your success

Why Digital Marketing is the key to your success

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Marketing has changed drastically over the last few years taking a huge shift from being marketer-centric to buyer-centric. Marketers are moving away from traditional ways where they had to interrupt people to market their services. In recent times, the buyer has the power to go through reviews, ratings and choose what is best for them. So the best way to market is by attracting people who are looking for your service or product.

1. Digital Marketing lets you compete with the big boys

Have you ever wondered how to compete with the big boys in your field who spend millions to advertise on huge bill boards, throw their fancy flyers to millions of mail boxes and have a dedicated call center that answers the queries of leads and customers? Don't worry about it any more. Digital marketing gives you the chance to compete with them and attract your fair share of traffic online. You can have a FAQ section or live chat in your website that will let you communicate with multiple users at the same time.

2. Digital Marketing attracts the right targets (potential customers)

Lets talk about traditional marketing first. In most cases, TV ads, newspaper ads and even trade shows don't cater to the right targets. Most of our budget gets wasted by not reaching the right audience while only a small portion of it gets utilized to reach the right targets. This is exactly the opposite for Digital Marketing. Think of Search Engine Marketing for an instance. Your ad gets displayed to the people who have searched for a set of keywords that match your business. Now think about display advertising. Your ads are displayed in websites that offer content that is very similar to your nature of business. Email Marketing is very effective when you make use of the list of people who have subscribed or scheduled a demo or downloaded an eBook from your website. Posting about new products or offers across social media and promoting them helps you build active conversations which helps you in driving more traffic to your website which in turn increases the chances of getting a potential customer.


3. Digital Marketing builds trust

Writing a blog post about your field or sharing your experience of how your product or service solved a problem your customer was facing during the time of purchase could help people who are in a similar situation and it would build trust. Automatically, the chance of these people choosing your brand would increase.

4. Digital Marketing increases your revenue

As said in the second point, Digital Marketing targets the right people. It gives you more traffic to your website for a lesser investment. More traffic improves the chances of a lead which in turn increases the chances of getting a customer. More customers mean more revenue!

5. Digital Marketing is more cost-effective

For a marketer, being cost-effective is very important. Return On Investment is what we all are eventually targeting. The following chart gives you an idea of how cost effective digital marketing channels are when compared to other sources.

The data in the chart clearly shows Social Media, Email Marketing, Blogs & PPC Ads have a lesser CPL (Cost per Lead) than the average CPL across all channels.

Marketing has changed. It’s time for you to re-think and start attracting customers instead of interrupting them.

Stop Interrupting and start attracting!

Did this article help you in understanding the importance of digital marketing? Consult us to know which digital marketing channels would suit your business the best.


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