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How do I re-install WordPress in cPanel?

How do I re-install WordPress in cPanel?

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You can use one-click installer or Softaculous installer for this purpose if your cPanel comes with it. For example, VizConn hosting provides you a cPanel with Softaculous Installer but not all hosts provide this option. If you don’t have such installers in your CPanel, make use of the following steps.

1. Take back-up of your files and database (Recommended as you might need some data from it in the future)

2. Delete the contents (files) of the Wordpress website in the File System

3. Delete the database (mysql or MadiaDB) corresponding to the Wordpress website

Booyah! Uninstallation is complete. You would now have to re-install Wordpress in the same location.


1. Download the latest version of Wordpress from Wordpress' website

2. Upload the zip file to your Web server’s file system within the file corresponding to your old website inside ‘public_html’ or ‘www’

3. Create a new database for the Wordpress website in the database section of the CPanel

4. Create a new user and assign them to the newly created database

5. In the file manager, unzip the uploaded zip file of the wordpress package you downloaded from Now, open the wp-config.php file inside the folder containing the Wordpress installation.

6. Edit the wp-config.php file by providing the details of the database name, user name and password

7. Run the installation by visiting your website’s WP installation url: and provide the site details.

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