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7 Ideas for successful B2B Lead Generation

7 Ideas for successful B2B lead generation  

The ultimate aim of any marketing campaign is to generate leads that will eventually turn out to be customers. By using some of the tested ideas mentioned below, you can improve the success of your B2B marketing campaigns.
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Is the data in Google Analytics misleading you? 

More than 50 million businesses make use of Google Analytics, which clearly indicates most business leaders make use of the data in the tool to review their campaigns. If your data is not accurate, it would have an impact on your decision-making.
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Is the data in Google Analytics Misleading you
6 Sales & Marketing Tips to grow your business

6 Sales and Marketing Tips & Ideas to grow your Business 
To grow a business these days, one needs to understand why traditional sales and marketing strategies are failing and how to develop a sales marketing strategy that works. A well-crafted combination of sales and marketing is necessary for successful business growth.
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Recent Articles

The Impact of AI Over The Next Half Decade  

For those who may find awkward the reference to “half a decade” and not the “next decade” here is why: AI is evolving at such a staggering rate that it is simply not possible to foresee what it will represent in 10 years’ time.
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The Impact of AI Over The Next Half Decade
3 Important Tips for effective Email Marketing

3 Important Tips for effective Email Marketing  

When the term 'Email Marketing' is mentioned, everyone seems to think they know about it but most often, it's 'email blast' that they talk about. Email marketing has evolved and needs to be automated for better conversions.
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